Taking the Trip of Your Life with your Furry Friend & Kids

Because boarding costs can be prohibitively expensive, many are opting to take their furry friends vacationing with them. Though it is not as simple as taking your pet along and leaving, a few simple steps of planning can be done, and you can have a tremendously fun trip with your family pet!

If your pet will be stuck in a vehicle for any extended periods of time, make some sort of arrangements for its comfort and safety. For example, always leave the windows cracked enough, so that the car does not get too hot inside. The interior temperature of a car left in the heat can exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and this sort of heat can be lethal to your pet. Also, make sure to leave plenty of water in the vehicle, so the pet has access to water. You may even think about using a battery operated fan to keep your pet cool during your absence.

If you will be staying in a hotel, then try to find one that will accommodate your pet. Some hotel chains like Motel 6 are actually welcome pets, and don’t even charge a fortune to do so! Each hotel differs and has its own policies regarding pets. Some will require deposits, and others won’t. Do your research first, so that when you get to your destination, you don’t have the surprise of finding that either your pet is not welcome or is that a large deposit is required.

Getting away from home and taking a trip with your kids can be a great way to create fond memories as a family. However, it can also be difficult to create memories that nobody really looks back on fondly. If you do not prepare for your trip with kids, you may find that you do not get to enjoy the time spent traveling with your kids as much as you would like. Use the following suggestions to plan for your trip with your kids and stay sane as you make your way to your destination.

Pack up different bags of activities. You need to have a variety of things to offer your kids to keep them entertained in the car. You can pack one bag that has coloring books and crayons, another that has travel board games, one that has small toys that your kids love and anything else that you think might keep them occupied as you travel. Keeping them busy means you get to enjoy the ride without hearing them screaming in the backseat or inquiring as to whether you are there yet.

If the activities you have provided your kids with are not doing the trick, be prepared to play games along with them. It can be very fun for you to get the chance to play license plate bingo, eye spy and any other game you can find. Use the Internet to find some great ideas for travel games to entertain everyone in the car. 


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